The Lost City Of Atlantis

The Lost City Of Atlantis I have discovered the long lost city of Atlantis. I am about 15 miles off the West Coast of the Hawaiian Islands. I have found many artifacts and a few buildings intact at the bottom of the ocean. I have found an extremely large building with many rooms that I believe to be a palace of some sort. I have also found gold, silver, and many other jewels inside of this building.

I have found what I believe is the king in the largest room, which I believe, is a throne room. He was a very wealthy man with many loyal subjects. He must have been a very powerful leader; because, it looks as if his many subjects are worshipping him. This civilization is extremely advanced for I have discovered a library, a church, many chariots, what looks like a war room, and a slaves quarters. In the library, many scrolls and books were beyond legibility and preservation.

I found a few that were legible and they appear to use ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. I was able to decipher a few passages and they read, “In our Final Days of War the enemy is strong, but we are stronger and slowly destroying our enemy. Now our enemy wants a truce or he claims he will destroy us with the magic of their god. The only reason they say that we are still alive is that they require our advanced technology. They claim their god grows weary of our resistance, and will sink us to the bottom of the sea if we do not comply with their wishes. Eventhough, they threaten us we still fight on strong and will continue to fight until we are all dead. We will not forfeit our technology to such scum.” I have not yet found any other legible recordings to try to decipher.

This civilization is almost as advanced if not more advanced than the pilgrims were when they landed at Plymouth. As I go farther into this civilization and discover more I will record my findings and keep this record updated as much as possible. Mythology Essays.