.. cene of the killing. Within eighty minutes of the assassination, Oswald resisted arrest by attempting to shoot another Dallas police officer. Nevertheless, after thorough investigation, the assassination commission had found no evidence that anyone assisted Oswald in planning or carrying out the assassination. One other conspiracy theory is Lyndon B. Johnson Theory. President Kennedy was planning to run for re-election and wanted to exclude Johnson from the ticket as vice-presidential candidate.

This upset Johnson, therefore he planned and coerced the assassination of JFK. LBJ was obviously the one with the most to gain from the murder. It is established the Johnson was allegedly the type of selfish, corrupt, power obsessed thug that would have done anything in order to become president. After the assassination, Johnson allegedly ordered the immediate removal of JFKs symbolic rocking chair from the White House, as well as all of his other belongings. Some researchers say careful study of Johnsons body movements in his motorcade car directly behind the presidents indicated he allegedly began to duck before the first shot rang out. This theory is not among the most popular, but definitely a great possibility.

One of the main conspiracy theories of the JFK assassination is that organized crime is to blame- the Kennedy Contract, or the Cuban plot to assassinate the president. It casts New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, with help from Santos Trafficante of Florida, and Sam Giancana of Chicago as the villains. This conspiracy is rooted from the Cuban rebellion against Fidel Castro. The U.S. government had supplied and trained Cuban rebels to fight the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. Aside from training the rebels, the US also offered a secret alliance which promised help from US forces if the rebels would run into trouble.

But when the war got hot and heavy, and Russia later showed themselves as secret alliances to Castro, the US pulled out of the operation and allowed many Cuban rebels to be captured, or killed. This caused an uproar among the Cuban people, and many swore America as a mortal enemy. Thus, after the assassination of JFK, the Organized Crime Conspiracy Theory arose. Another theory of the assassination would be the idea of the secret service agent shooting Kennedy by accident, but how about the one that did so on purpose? The famous Zapruder 8mm shows the presidents limo driver, William Greer, allegedly whipping out a gun, turning quickly, shooting JFK, and then returning his attention to the road as if all was well. With all the controversy surrounding the assassination of president Kennedy, its surprising to learn that there are many facts about the case- facts that are so well established, they arent disputed by anyone who has seriously studied the case.

The facts alone indicate that the assassination resulted from a conspiracy, and that it was followed by an extensive cover-up. For example: J Edgar Hoover informed Lyndon Johnson during a phone conversation that someone had been impersonating Lee H. Oswald, the alleged single assassin, at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. There can be no credible doubt that the Oswald who called the Soviet embassy from the Cuban embassy in Mexico City on 9-28-63, was not the real Oswald. Also, Sylvia Odio, from Cuba, testified that two anti-Castro Cubans and a man named Leon Oswald visited her apartment in Dallas during the last week of September in 1963. Yet according to the Warden commission, the real Oswald was ending his stay in New Orleans and heading off for Mexico City at this time.

Miss Odio said that Leon Oswald bore a striking resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald. The house select committee on assassinations concluded Miss Odios testimony was credible and truthful. On the other hand, nearly all of Oswalds fellow Marines who were asked to comment on his shooting ability expressed the view that he was not a very good shot, in fact several of them said he was a very poor shot. None of them described him as an excellent shot. During the 1986 mock Oswald trial sponsored by a British television company, Monty Lutz, a member of the HASCs firearm panel, and an expert rifleman said to his knowledge, no one had ever duplicated Oswalds alleged shooting feat. During the Warren Commissions version of the shooting, not one of the eleven expert marksmen participating scored as high as Oswald would have.

Jack Ruby killed Oswald while he was being transferred in broad daylight in the basement of the Dallas police station, which was supposed to be a secure area. The HSCA concluded Rubys killing of Oswald was not spontaneous and that Ruby probably entered the basement with assistance, backing up the theory that Oswald was framed and Ruby was trying to cover up. It is said that Ruby had extensive ties with the Mafia. He was also characterized as a so-called gangster. Though there are many widespread conspiracy theories of the JFK assassination, some just plain ridiculous, the most popular opinion is still that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Obviously, this theory has the most supportive evidence to back itself up. Oswald seemed to have a motive, and among other things- carried a weapon and resisted arrest. Since Oswald was assassinated shortly after being arrested, we may never know what his intentions were. There is one possibility that Oswald was assassinated by Ruby not for reasons of rage and anger, but to keep him quiet..and if this was his intention, he surely succeeded. In the evidence that I have gathered, I believe that the most likely conspiracy theory of J.F.K.s assassination, is that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin.

Although, I feel that he was coerced into doing this. Oswald surely had to have help from other conspirators because the evidence points in so many different directions, rather than all just pointing at Oswald. Of all conclusions that can be drawn, one is certain: there is a person or persons who know exactly what and why the JFK assassination took place. Whether or not these facts will be brought to the public one day, only time can tell. was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone assailant, or did the CIA plot against kennedy? Were anti-Castro Cubans responsible or did Lyndon Johnson plan Kennedys demise to further his political gain? We may never know who really killed our 35th President.

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