African Women

.. of them having the right to vote went to court to see what they could do. When the women brought up the idea the judge just sat and laughed. He told them to leave. Men think nothing about us, we are slaves to them, and nothing more. When we asked for rights they wanted nothing to do with us.

Sadly many women felt the same way. A women’s rights leader said. Men dont want to let us share their power Lindy Meiza tried to lift women attitudes in her speech, We must think we can. Think you can and you can. Now lets win the rights we deserve!! If women think they can they can.

They will rise up against men. Just like in the story The Little Engine Who Could he thought he could and then he did it. Solutions South Africa has made a new constitution with a charter for women. The new constitution will eliminate all laws that discriminate whites and black, and males and females. The new constitution with the first charter for women will give women the rights the deserved.

Some of the laws are: Women shall have equal legal status and capacity in civil law including amongst others, full contractual rights, the right to acquire and hold in property, the right to equal in heritance and the right to secure credit States the charter. Every woman shall have the right to education and training at any stage of her life in order to realize her full potential. Women shall have special access to funds for education and training. Child care facilities shall be provided. Education to develop awareness of womens status, to build womens self confidence and able them to claim their constitutional and legal rights should be implemented.

Ensure womens full and equal participation in power structures and decision-making. Develop education and training to increase womens capacity to participate in decision-making and leadership. The state shall establish appropriate institution to ensure the effective protection and promotion of equality for women. Women demand equality in the development, application, adjudication interpretation and enforcement of the law. Women shall have equality within the family and within marriages and intimate relationships.

Women shall have equal rights during and it the dissolution of a marriage. Women married under customary law shall have the right to inherit from their spouses. All family types shall be recognized and treated equally. Women shall have the right to choose the partner of their choice. Women should have equal access to financial resources of the household. Women should have equal decision making powers and access to information in regard to the economic management of the household.

Social services should be a right not a privilege. Women must be protected from sexual harassment and violence in all places where women are working. Violence in all its forms is endemic to South African society both sexual and domestic violence are pervasive and all women live under the threat of experience violence women experience secondary victimization at all stages of criminal justice system which shall include the right to be free from all forms of violence in the home in communities in the work pace and in public spaces. These are some of the important laws for women that will make drastic changes in Africa. Authorities have made some changes to protect women.

Last year, marital rape became a crime and women can now more easily obtain restraining orders against their abusers. As a result, an older man who was convicted of raping a nine year old girl received a ten year sentence. Women are getting rights and the MALE government is realizing that they must make both genders equal. We demand the rights we deserve. The women of Africa demanded it and they got it. Women groups, like the ANC, have been helping women win their rights. The ANC now regards the champing of womens rights an integral part of its agenda. Already the ANC has enriched the womens rights in the charter and constitutional guidelines.

Theyve made laws with government to become equal. The ANC has strongly advocated that that 33% of all political nominees be women. Once the ANC was un-banned various groups united to form the Womens Coalition to facilitate gender issues in neglected for the new government. .countless other women-the unsung heroines of black women liberation. If more women join these womens groups, women will have some control over their own lives. Not only are women helping themselves but now other countries are trying to help African women too.

Many countries like the United States have helped Africa by donating money, sending representatives to help villages become better place for women and even given countries food. other countries are making giant leaps to show Africa the way. The United States aid is providing 65 million or 80% of its basic education assistance to Africa, so every child will have access education. The United States also provided 4 million for the African women abuse. If other countries help Africa it will become a better place for women.

Predictions Womens thoughts on the future are strong and hopeful. The fight will go on forever. Women will never be equal to men. One day men will be equal to women. Many leaders even thought even though, being beaten and jailed still are positive. Just like Thandi.

She was an ANC leader. She protested against women have to where passes that stated information like birth, place of birth, town and reacords. At that protest, was arrested and put into jail for eight years. She says, One is still doughtful about the future. Felicia Mabuza, another ANC member, says, South Africa is going to have to get used to seeing women in the board room as well as the bedroom.

She also said, In the coming years black South African women will continue to stand and assume their roles in a fast changing society that is filled with hope and optimism. Women in Africa are gaining hope about their future. The more this happens the more confidence they will get and they will soon be able to face men as equals. Action Plan To help women in Africa my organization, S.O.F.A.W., Shout Out For African Women, will show women how to build homes, coaxes the governments to change some laws and most important give all women an education. S.O.F.A.W.

will be collecting money from private and public distributors. This money will used for sending our representatives to places of poverty to show women how to build a house. We will teach them the basic skill. They women we teach will show their neighbor and then the neighbor would teach their neighbor and so on. If we do this more and more women will get out of poverty, less and less women will live in poverty and finally we are teaching women a skill that that will be able to use. The S.O.F.A.W.

is going to set up meetings with counties all over Africa. In our meetings we will try to coax the government to change laws so men and women are equal. Then we would help them enforce the laws. If the laws are equal then the women will soon be equal. Finally and most importantly the S.O.F.A.W will build 200 schools. We will build 100 primary schools because that is where reading and writing are taught, the two most important things in the world.

We would build 50 high schools and 50 middle schools. Of course all of these schools will be for girls only. If women are educated the more money would know their laws and how to do something about is. Conclusion If women are free from violence, if they are healthy and educated, if they can live and work as full and equal partners in any society their families will flourish and when they do, communities and nations will thrive. Bill Clinton. I personal think that Africa will not remain odd man out. I think this because If organizations like mine help problems like status of women, hunger, over population, health, wildlife, rainforest and black liberation problems like these will be non existancet.

Women are humans, they shouldnt be treated like animals. Like I said before women need education, and jobs. But women also need better health facilities and better shelters. You can help by donating money to organizations like mine. I care because people are being hurt when they shouldnt be.

Please if you can call 1-888-WOMEN-AF. American History Essays.