Ways to Remove Your Scar

If you see a terrible scar when you look in the mirror and you absolutely want to do something about it…your time will be better spent learning about the possibilities to improve the imperfection rather than dwelling on the blemish. There is a solution! Below you will find a recap on the options currently available regarding ways to remove your scar.

As you search through remedies, treatments, and procedures it is important to know the truth about scar tissue and what can actually be done about it.  At-home options may eventually work for some scars. The wacky ingredients range from honey to olive oil to cucumber paste. None of these result in scar removal, and may even cause additional scarring or reactions if the wrong ingredient is applied. If you are looking for a more professional alternative, a silicone scar gel (aka scar cream) can reduce the appearance of most common scar types. The majority of people with scars want the area to simply look better. Basically, you want the skin to no longer be an eye sore. These topical formulas have been shown to help minimize the look of scars.

Lastly, there are medical procedures that can be performed. These are the only ways to remove your scar or anyone’s scar. Scar treatments such as injections, surgical removal, and skin grafting may help reduce the appearance of most scars but may also require additional scarring or a new scar in the old ones place. These techniques are usually reserved for the most severe scars. With that said, they cannot guarantee that the scar will be fully eliminated. Surgical removal involves leaving a new scar in the spot where the old, larger scar was.

Is scar removal really possible? Whether your scar is extreme or a minor flaw, managing a scar will almost always deliver better results than doing nothing at all. Remember, there are ways to minimize the look of the scar and then there are really no proven ways to remove your scar completely. Factors that will determine which method is best for your scar will be the severity of the scar, the expense of “treatment”, the location of the scar, the age of the scar, and how frequently you get scars. Once you have reviewed and answered all of these, you will have a better understanding of how to move forward with managing the looks of your scar.

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