Stretch Mark Removal Procedures

Before you hunch over your computer for hours searching for stretch mark removal options, you need to be clear on a few things first. Is stretch mark removal really possible? No, not completely, those buggers are there to stay with the one exception of an abdominoplasty following pregnancy stretch marks. That is one of the stretch mark removal procedures that can completely ditch the stretch marks located from below your belly button on down to the pubic area, but that’s it. Stretch marks on your arms, thighs, hips, or wherever else have to be dealt with in a more realistic mindset that requires knowing you can only reduce the look of your stretch marks to a degree, but they can’t be totally evicted off your body.

Stretch mark removal scams are abound online, in department stores, salons, and spas but not every stretch mark removal procedure is bunk or junk. Many stretch marked people have very good outcomes after using procedures like laser therapy at the plastic surgeon’s office or dermabrasion as well. These are the higher end of approaches when it comes to finances, and they are the most painful way to manage your stretch marks as well. Multiple appointments are necessary and your skin may not like the feel of lasers or dermabrasion, which both can cause burning or excessive redness and swelling in some people. Many folks swear by both procedures so it really depends on the individual.

Medical professionals don’t usually recommend stretch mark creams on their own, but they do suggest that a good topical cream in conjunction with a stretch mark medical treatment can bring about positive results quicker, especially as there is a few weeks of down time between session of the top procedures. Some doctor’s think stretch mark creams are scams, but some think they are fine on their own and garner good results, especially for pregnant women who can’t really do many other procedures whilst gestating a little being inside of them.

Safety has to be the number one concern if using a stretch mark cream when pregnant so always check the packaging. If the product does not state it’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, then it’s not worth the risk. Many women swear their topical stretch mark products kept them from getting stretch marks, or at least kept them to a minimum. Many claim that using a good cream afterwards greatly reduced the appearance of their stretch marks. Everyone is different, but it can’t hurt to invest in a side-effect free cream and see how it pans out.

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