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Top Methods to Remove Cellulite

When 90% of the earth’s adult women are looking up information about cellulite on the Internet, they hover over their computers wondering, “are cellulite removal methods worth it, and how much do they cost?” Cellulite removal is a big business taking in millions a year, but what is the real trade off for those billions? Are women getting what they paid for? It’s not just magazine’s advertising the latest creams anymore, now even plastic surgeon’s are inundating our social media pages with local ads of the latest cellulite treatment procedures because they know such a high percentage of females are not immune to cellulite nor a catchy ad creepily waiting on the corner of a web page, beckoning them to spend hundreds of dollars for a more firm and smooth booty.

Laser surgery is the number one recommended cellulite treatment by plastic surgeons lately, and this procedure is really surgery, which is something you have to bear in mind and not take lightly. You are put under with anesthesia, it hurts, and you have weeks of down time for recovery. This type of surgery lasts anywhere from one hour to five, barring any complications, and yes you can have the same risks you would have with any surgical procedure, including reactions to sedation, but of course all of this would be covered in a consult with your doctor. The cost of this approach to cellulite treatment is roughly $10,000 give or take, as it differs by region only slightly. When doing some serious research on the web about laser surgery, you will find that this method does positive things for some people, giving them some temporary results for about a year and a half, and for others it does absolutely nothing. That’s the risk you run with trying anything when trying to address cellulite though.

Topical cellulite skin creams are the most popular option when beginning to manage your unwanted dimples, and this approach is pain free with no down time. You get the convenience and privacy of applying creams at home, which is nice in that it spares you the embarrassment of showcasing your less flattering attributes to strangers at a doctor’s office or spa. The cost benefit is nothing to sneeze at either as some very effective creams can run less than $10 a month to use, but you have to keep using them daily until you are happy and satisfied with the results. Daily use of the product is still recommended to sustain the results you are able to achieve.